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We are so excited to be living full-time on Mayne after years of being 'weekenders'. Our realtors, Glen and Lise played a big part of making that dream happen. We really appreciated the time they took to really listen to what we were looking for as well as their hard work in helping us to find - and succeed in acquiring - the perfect property. Kristine Webber and Peter Robinson


After working closely with Glen and Lise McLeod over 3 summers to find our Mayne property, we can unreservedly recommend them as the perfect island realtors. Glen and Lise work very hard and conduct themselves with the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. Prospective buyers should feel very confident and comfortable that The McLeods have your best interests at heart.

Peter Curtain


Glen and Lise were our Realtors for the sale of our home on Mayne Island in 2016. The property was unique and the sale took some time but, throughout the process, Glen and Lise were consistent in their delivery of services, with steady feedback on viewings and market trends, and prompt response to and respect for our needs and concerns. They are honest, hard working, good natured and they know their business. We highly recommend them!

Hugh and Terry Harvey


Glen and Lise are a great team: As long time residents of Mayne Island they have excellent local knowledge. When we decided to sell our home they provided us with thorough and professional market research which allowed us to set a realistic selling price. This facilitated ongoing interest in our listing and allowed us to sell within 4 months. While we were overseas for several weeks, they stayed in touch with us and were able to negotiate a potential sale. Some concerns arose regarding our property that they were able to effectively resolve on our behalf. Glen and Lise worked hard for us throughout the whole process. We felt they represented us in a capable, professional manner and would recommend them unreservedly to others.

Paul Howell and Maywynne Cho


I had the good fortune to work with Glen and Lise McLeod approximately two years ago. Over a period of about six months Glen lined up properties for me to view, each time asking what I liked/didn't like, which helped me clarify what was important to me, and helped him narrow the field. Never once did he try to push me into anything...quite the opposite. If I were getting discouraged and suggesting I might settle for something that wasn't quite what I wanted, he would assure me that the right place would come along. It did, and I couldn't be happier. Thank you Glen and Lise for helping me find the perfect property and fulfil my long-held dream of owning a place on the Gulf Islands!

Carol Bassingthwaighte


Hi Glen and Lise...THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! What a terrific job you both did to enable us to find our dream house and sell our beloved other place. We are both very happy with the results and how you both stayed with and endured our journey. After 45 years of coming to the island we have finally come up with what we consider to be a place we can enjoy and call our home. In spite of our gingerly approach we are thankful you kept us in the loop regarding new listings and treated us with respect the entire way. A special thanks to Lise whose intrepid and persistent pursuit of every aspect of each house gave us full knowledge of shortcomings of each listing and did not sugar coat them for the benefit of a sale. We'll always remember her scampering up the tricky slopes and into the spider web covered, otter habituated crawl spaces. That takes a special person!! Also, terrific job on the sale of our place!! You proved that we in were good hands and that its presentation and negotiation was in our best interests. Thank You Both Very Much!!!

Barrie and Estelle Gorden


Just a note for others who are seeking a solid realty team to assist them in the sale of their property. I listed our elderly parents' property on Mayne a year and a half ago, coincidentally at the beginning of the upswing in the market. Due to Glen's intimate knowledge of this localized market, he definitely steered this listing in the right direction at the outset, advising not to hurry into listing too early, but rather to ensure that the house was show-worthy first and foremost to not only impress potential buyers, but to make a favourable first impression upon other realtors, as it would be them who would add to the number of showings this listing would garner. That recommendation was a gem, and we certainly got the listing off to a good start, and because of it, many showings. Glen monitored the market throughout. With a strong upswing in the market, properties began to sell. Anxious about when an offer might be made, Glen cautioned patience, and predicted that once waterfront properties became scarce, potential buyers would look to hilltop views, which was a stellar selling point to the property. Within weeks, this is exactly where the market turned to, as he had predicted. Both Glen and Lise worked very hard to keep the listing fresh, and keep it in the forefront. Because of this, there were multiple offers, culminating in a satisfactory purchase price, with lots of paperwork being tirelessly sent back and forth by email to its ultimate conclusion. Glen always appears calm and unflappable even under pressure! Always positive and optimistic, Glen was a terrific representative to have on your side, and I would highly recommend he and Lise for anyone's realty needs. On a personal note, I would also like to thank Lise (and HER team) for the cleaning, tidying and other chores she graciously offered to complete on moving day. It was GREATLY appreciated.

Chris Coates and family


It was a drizzly, January day and we were headed over to Mayne Island just to check it out. Neither one of us had ever been to Mayne Island so it was going to be a bit of an adventure for both of us - but in January?? It is usually cold and damp and darkness descends early on the Southern Gulf Islands during the winter but we still wanted to see it for ourselves. And if we were going to be there, I wanted to be checking out some of the real estate offerings that Mayne Island had to offer. The one that had caught was Magical Fernhill Estates as listed by Glen and Lise McLeod of Gulfport Realty. We called ahead and set up an appointment to see the property fully realizing that we were 'just looking' and not that serious about buying at this point. When we met up with Glen at the Gulfport offices we found a soft spoken guy who just did not seem like a real estate agent. Having dealt with a plethora of different agents in my native Winnipeg, I had a very preconceived notion of what to expect. I could not have been more wrong. Glen was not this high pressure salesman that I was prepared for. He seemed to know that we were 'kicking tires' as we walked throughout the home and the grounds. Even when I said that we should perhaps think of renting prior to buying, Glen was helpful and understanding of a notion that would bring him zero commissions. And then it was over - we saw the property, realized that the price was considerably beyond what we wanted to pay for it and put it on the back burner. Back to North Vancouver we went but with a Gulf Island bug in our brains. We had fallen in love with the notion of life on a small island but thought it might not happen in the near future. But a surprise was ahead. It was about two and half months after we had been to Mayne Island that I received an email from a Glen McLeod at Gulfport Realty. I remembered Glen and his soft spoken demeanor but was surprised to be getting an email from him. His message was that if we were still interested in Magical Fernhill Estates the asking price had just been dropped considerably. Julie and I looked at one another and started to think much more seriously about making this lifestyle change. But what shocked me the most is that Glen had remembered us and our interest in the property and he took the time to get in touch with us. Shocking! It flashed through my mind of a previous visit to the Sunshine Coast to look at property and the realtor who seemed troubled with having to give us a handful of brochures. We actually had called about one of the properties but got no call back. Glen had actually followed up and followed through - a very pleasant surprise. The rest is history. We put an offer in on the property and with minimal back and forth arrived at a deal. Magical Fernhill Estates is now Fernhill B&B I have shared this story with many of our visitors and am happy to be sharing it with any readers of this testimonial.

Richard and Julie Jarco

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