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Long term success in 'small town' business depends on integrity, trust and good service. Glen and Lise Mcleod's excellent reputation has evolved over forty two years of full time living and working on Mayne Island. Newcomers who are just beginning to explore the unique quality of life found in the Gulf Islands will appreciate our honest, low pressure, Island style of doing business.

Glen McLeod

Glen has been a permanent resident of Mayne Island for forty two years. Many years of self employment in the local construction industry helped Glen to build a solid reputation and knowledge base which paved the way for a transition into the real estate industry in 1989. Glen understands the structure and history of the houses which are for sale today and, if he didn't work on them himself, he probably knows the contractors who did! The same work ethic and integrity which gave Glen a solid reputation in construction has made him a consistent top producer in BC investment homes.

Lise McLeod

Lise is originally from the Matapédia Vallée on the Gaspé Péninsula in Québec. She also came to Mayne Island forty two years ago and worked in several occupations before joining the real estate industry with her husband, Glen.

Lise is passionate about Canadian culture and history. Her knowledge of local history gives her insight into the unique lifestyle offered by the Gulf Islands. She was the President of the Mayne Island Community Centre Society for many years and has served with several community organizations and promoted many cultural events over the years.

Lise and Glen's son, Mason, was born and raised on Mayne Island and currently lives and works in Victoria. Mason helps with maynerealty.com website and up to date technology.

After ten years of owning and managing their own real estate company, Glen and Lise are happy to have sold and merged their company with Gulfport Realty in June, 2002. Glen and Lise are now free to focus their skills entirely on the business of listing and selling Gulf Island properties.You will find us to be professional and experienced in a broad range of property related services. Covering all manner of Mayne Island Real Estate, whether it be retirement homes, vacation homes, investment property or just general community information, our local knowledge can really make a difference for you.

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Mayne Island offers the most moderate climate in the country. The waters of Georgia Strait run fast and deep through the Southern Gulf Islands, bringing breezes and tidal currents which take the edge off the hottest summers and the coldest winters. Summer heat waves may occasionally touch the nearby cities of Vancouver, Victoria and Seattle but in the Islands the air is always clean, crisp and silent. Snow and frost are rare and beautiful events in winter, usually over within a day or two. Coastal snow capped mountains on all sides keep the world at bay. Take a walk at night and let the stars and moon light your way. No streetlights here. Listen to the silence, breathe deeply the clean air, relax, feel the freedom, the safety.

Three grocery stores, a gas station and two mechanics, two hotels and restaurants, several bed and breakfasts and café, a bakery, a charming resort and a cozy seaside Inn are just some of Mayne Island's amenities. A Health Clinic with resident doctor and nurse, ambulance crew, volunteer fire department and emergency response team are backed up by helicopter and water taxi evacuation services. Two public docks provide access to the ocean and good moorage. The Mayne Island Elementary School serves about 20 students from Mayne while older students travel by water taxi to Salt Spring Island for high school. There are some home schoolers here too; the Islands are full of independent thinkers and artists.

Visit Mayne Island; your life will never be the same! Glen and Lise McLeod have lived and worked on Mayne Island for forty two years and have been top producing real estate agents since 1989. Let us be your guides to Mayne Island community and its unique lifestyle. Give us a call, you'll love our 'Island style' of doing business.

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